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Associate Of Science- (Business Administration)

The AS program of Greenwich University prepare fresh intakes for rigorous four-year undergraduate program, in order to keep pace with the dynamic world of business and business education. The program is instrumental in providing students with thorough knowledge and understanding of principles of commerce and business with analytical approach of creativity and grooming to meet

Associate Of Science- (Economics & Finance)

Associate of Science in Economic & Finance consists of 69 Credit Hours. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without a sound knowledge of Economics, no individual can make sensible choices in the present - day world. Foundation Courses General English 1 (Placement in this course is subject to the result of the

Associate Of Science- (Economics)

Associate of Science in Economic consists of 69 Credit Hours. In this undergraduate program, students are equipped with the tools that help them to identify economic trends in order to make accurate economic and financial predictions. Thus students, after completing this program, can assist private companies and government organizations with their financial planning. Foundation Courses

Associate Of Science- (English)

Associate of Science in English consists of 63 Credit Hours. This is a two-year undergraduate degree program that lets the students acquire knowledge of the recurrent themes in English Literature and of specific work in literature done during different eras. The program enables them to use logical reasoning for problem-solving and develop their critical thinking

Associate Of Science- (Organizational Communication)

Associate of Science in Organizational Communication consists of 69 Credit Hours. This program enables the students to learn how communication affects the organizational structure and change. The coursework for this program includes business management, intercultural communication and organizational psychology, letting the students analyze how the organizational culture is created, maintained and influenced. This program also

Associate Of Science- (Mass Communication & Media Studies)

Associate in Mass Communication and Media Sudies consists of 66 Credit Hours. This dergraduate program equips the students with the knowledge to effectively meet the challenges of tomorrow. The students learn about mass communications and its progressive development. In the current scenario where the local media has grown rapidly in a short span of time