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MA in Arabic Language


Course Overview

The MA ARABIC LANGUAGE PROGRAMME aims at developing students with the cultural and linguistic skills needed to function professionally in Arabic and serve the country in this specific field.

The programme has been designed to provide students with Arabic and academic competence needed to participate effectively in the global community. It involves a focused study in the various branches of Arabic knowledge in order to pave the way for practical applications of Arabic research and solutions to current issues.

Program Objectives

  1. To impart handsome knowledge of Arabic language and literature to produce sufficient professionals for academic institutions.
  2. To apprise people about learning of Arabic and opting career of translator for international organisations.
  3. To prepare global ambassadors of Arabic language to establish good cultural rapport among all Arab counties.
  4. To offer courses at all academic levels to provide opportunities for young generation to learn Quranic language.


Start On -
Duration 2 Years
Level Master
Total Credit Hours 60
Degree Graduate Degree

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