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MA in Educational Leadership and Management


Course Overview

This program is for those professionals employed in educational or training organizations, contributing to the educational or training process. This is a course for educational professionals to focus on their enquiry research and scholarship activity on developing more effective practice. It can also prove to be an excellent route for the teachers to develop professional expertise. It combines essentials of education with a special concept of effective leadership skills which is entirely based on experiential learning.

This course is specifically designed so that the assignments and classroom teaching can be built into working practice and to maximize the impact on standards of teaching, leadership and management in education. This discipline is ideal if you wish to develop your abilities as an educational leader or manager. This course provides a multi-pronged approach which enables the development of an academic career. At the end you will have developed reflective and critical capabilities, providing you with a sound basis for your next career move.

Furthermore, it is designed to offer professionals the opportunity to engage in systematic and analytical enquiry into the theory. Greenwich University works with people, families and communities by undertaking leading researches in the respective field. This course brings together professionals from across the world. A Master’s degree can aid one’s movement up the ladder as well as an increase in salary. This degree offers substantial career growth. It enables teachers to become school administrators such as principals. Scholars also learn management skills as well as organizational skills.

Teaching Methodology

  • One to one Teaching
  • Case Studies
  • Individual and Group Presentation
  • Market-Oriented Research Projects
  • Assignments
  • Symposiums
  • Examinations


Start On 2012-08-21
Duration 2 Years
Level Master
Total Credit Hours 42
Degree Graduate Degree

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