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Master of Arts – (Political Science & International Relations)

The course provides a sound professional training in formal political science and in quantitative oriented approaches to political economy. Students acquire the knowledge and techniques to analyze political processes, institutional design and public policy making in liberal democracies. It offers courses in political economy, elections, legislature, executive governments, public policy, development, and international political economy within the framework of a political science oriented program. It will also provide a set of skills which are highly sought after in public policy making, policy analysis, business, political consultancy and public affairs. This program is an excellent preparation for further research work (including a PhD or research in quantitative political science) or for a career in education, public administration or the private sector.

Module I
Introduction to International Science
Comparative Modern Political System
International Relation in the 19th & 20th Centuries
History of Political Thought: West & Islam
Module I
Political Dynamics of Pakistan
International Law
International Organization

The course is designed to develop concepts and analytical skills among the students to understand the objectives and importance of foreign policy of Pakistan. It also covers the pattern and approaches to the formulation of foreign policy and actors playing roles in this regard. Foreign policy making process of certain countries is included in this course as models.
Foreign Policy of USA, China, India, UK, France & Russia
Module I
Research Methods

Theories of Comparative Politics

Politics of Developing Areas

Strategic Studies in International Relations

Strategic Studies in International Relations

Module I
Muslim World & International Relations
Local Governments of Pakistan
Federal Politics & National Integration in Pakistan
Current Issues in Pakistan’s Politics
Module I
South & West Asia & the West
Terrorism & Globalization
It comprises 06 credit hours, and aims at giving awareness of research to the students in different areas of economics.
It comprises 06 credit hours, and aims at giving awareness of research to the students in different areas of economics.
Module I
Start On 2019-01-21
Level Master
Total Credit Hours CREDIT HOURS
Degree Graduate Degree

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