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Master of Arts – (Public Administration & Public Policy)

This is a master’s program, aimed at those who aspire to a career in public management or policy-making in government, public agencies or non-governmental organizations working with government, whether at local, regional, national or international levels, worldwide. The aim of this program is to provide public managers, and those involved in public sector policies and services, to acquire a clear foundation of knowledge about the nature, role and development of the public sector and current trends in its evolution, and the skills and understanding required for further career progression with the public sector.

Module I
Introduction to Public Administration
Introduction to Public Policy and Governance

Principles of (Micro + Macro) Economics for Public Policy
Comparative Politics and Public Policy
Fundamenal of Financial Management
Module II
Constitutional and Administrative Law
The course focuses on the impact of economic, legal, social, psychological and cultural forces on employment relations. It also covers performance evaluation, compensation and benefits, promotion, job design, training, layoffs, retention and turnover and the human resource implications of business strategies.
Accounting for Managers
Public Policy Analysis
Local Government Administration
Module III
Public Bureaucracy, Public Formulation, Implementation & Evaluation
Managing Multicultural Society & Social Diversity
Budgeting & Management Control System
Urban Public Policy
Module IV
Poverty and Economics Development
Public Service & Ethics
Governance, Public Administration, Development & Public Process
Seminar on Social Issues in Pakistan
Module V
Research Design & Methods
Project Development & Evaluation (Research Report Writing)
It comprises 06 credit hours, and aims at giving awareness of research to the students in different areas of economics.
Module VI