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Master of Education – (M.Ed.)


This program aims to produce highly skilled teachers for the cultivation of an educated citizenry within this country. Students will have mastery of content and would be able to use modern instructional strategies to the needs of the learner along with making optimum use of technology in instruction.

Trimester I
Philosophy of Education
In this course, the students will study the concept of curriculum development, process of curriculum development in Pakistan, examine the components of curriculum development, differentiate between different types of curriculum; write curriculum objectives in behavioral terms, review the critical issues, problems and trends in curriculum development critically, understand contemporary ideological and pragmatic trends in curriculum.
Research methodology in Education
Trimester II
On successful completion of this course, learners will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the importance of guidance and counseling to support the teacher’s role in the classroom, explain the role of various members of a guidance and counseling system in supporting learners in addressing their future choices and social challenges, assist students in making informed choices to solve personal, educational and social problems they confront, refer students to resources that can assist them in solving social and personal problems they encounter.
Research Proposal II
Teaching Methodology
Trimester III