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Business English Language


Business English is a basic course designed for students and corporate personnel to learn English as a second language who wish to improve their written and spoken business communication skills. The course focuses on level appropriate grammar, introduces vocabulary specific to various business domains, and familiarizes students with the finer points of business etiquette and business correspondence.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • make effective presentations in business situations
  • accurately use the language of negotiations
  • communicate confidently and effectively in business meetings
  • use specialist vocabulary in formal business and colloquial business jargon
  • recognize the features of different genres of business correspondence, such as memos, emails, and business letters as well as business articles and essays
  • employ strategies to be a successful employee or employer in the workplace –
  • prepare for and participate in debates on business topics
  • follow and demonstrate understanding of lectures, talks and interviews on business topics delivered by authentic business specialists

Course Content

The course will be composed of most or all of the following subjects, depending on the amount of class time available. The professor reserves the right to add or delete subjects according to class needs.

  • Introduction Protocol &Meeting People in Business
  • The Importance of Politeness in Business –Structures and Expressions of Politeness
  • Asking Questions (Embedded Question Structure)
  • The Present Perfect Tense (in the context of the job interview)
  • The Basics of Customer Service
  • Techniques to Calm an Angry Customer
  • Getting Back on the Good Side of an Injured Customer
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • How to Say Negative Things in a Positive Way
  • Editing for Agreement in Business Writing
  • Professional Telephone Etiquette
  • Taking and Leaving Messages
  • Parallelism in Business Writing
  • Parts of a Business Letter
  • Guidelines for Business Letters& Email
  • Claim and Adjustment Letters
  • Various Idioms/Expressions/Vocabulary Related to Business
  • General Punctuation Review (Commas, Capital Letters, and other punctuation, as needed)