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Learning English Language


Learning English is about more than studying words and phrases. We see it as a chance to explore new ideas, cultures and develop communication skills that will take you around the world.

The English Language Program at Greenwich is designed for those who have English as a second language, the interactive program caters for all ability levels and helps students become proficient in English by immersing them in an English speaking environment for two months
(36 hours). During these two months students will receive instructions from experienced and qualified teachers who will ensure that all students develop core skills of: speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Benefits of learning English at Greenwich?

  • Benefit from experienced and qualified teachers with individual attention
  • Significantly improve academic and social communication skills
  • Use English to make new friends with students from other cultural backgrounds
  • Focus on core skills; English grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading, writing and listening
  • Greenwich teaches British English at both its campuses i-e Pakistan and Mauritius
  • Stay motivated with our fun and interactive syllabus
  • Transfer knowledge from one skill to another, for example, listen and then write
  • Practice all four language skills i-e Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, in an integrated manner;

Program Structure

  • Increase fluency in writing, speaking and listening.
  • Prepare students for seminars and written examinations.
  • Raise awareness of language, structures and vocabulary related to subject areas.
  • Provide lecture listening and note-taking practice.
  • Deliver practice in giving oral presentations.

During the eight week program teachers will use a wide variety of supplementary materials including video, music, newspaper and magazine articles, as well as out of classroom assignments to ensure that classes are fun and students are motivated.

Students are taught English by addressing subjects that are of interest and relevance to them and we take this opportunity to educate students on world issues affecting them today: bullying, social media, politics, climate change, current affairs and more.

This nurturing yet challenging atmosphere will help all students make significant progress and develop communication skills necessary to function efficiently and effectively in both social and academic settings.

Advanced English Course

Designed to help students whose spoken English is considered to be advanced, but who need to concentrate and improve their written English. The advanced class will focus on English for academic purposes and will cover; essay writing skills, research skills, speaking, grammar and vocabulary as well as presentation skills and debate but will concentrate mostly on written English.

  • Focus on English for academic purposes and learn how to apply it in school and university.
  • Improve the formation of coherent arguments and structure in formal essay writing
  • Explore a range of writing styles
  • Improve your confidence when using English language – both written and spoken