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Urdu Language

Aao Urdu Seekhain?

Come Learn Urdu

Program Introduction

Urdu is a beautiful language, spoken by millions of people across the world. Urdu has a fascinating history and Urdu literature is deeply influenced by Persian, Arabic and Turkish culture. ‘Aao Urdu Seekhain’ (Come Learn Urdu) aims to expose you to this exquisite language and equip you with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively in Urdu.

Whether you want to learn Urdu for work, travel or day-to-day communication in Pakistan, Greenwich Urdu Program is the fastest and most effective way to achieve your goals.

  • It is ideal for anyone who wants to learn or to speak Urdu language quickly.
  • Conducted at Greenwich University Campus, which is fully secure, conveniently located and equipped with modern audio-visual aids besides a host of other facilities.
  • Conducted by a trainer who has a proven track record in public speaking as well conducting training courses on different forums.
  • Customized and interactive course curriculum comprising of theory, role plays and group discussions.
  • Convenient timings

Course Outline:

  • Urdu basic language phonetic transcription, strokes of Urdu characters and sentence patterns.
  • Urdu grammar and simple conversation in different situations.
  • Listening and speaking in Urdu language along with reading.
  • Role plays and group discussions on various topics. Course Certification
  • 5 months certification course.
  • On successful completion, a course certificate from Greenwich University will be awarded.

Course Duration:

4 months (48 hours), + 5 hours of Mid-Term and Final Examinations