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Bachelor of Science – (Visual Effects & Animation)

Preparatory Courses
(Placement in this course is subject to the result of the University Placement Test) This course focuses on all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening in general, and writing in particular at elementary level. With an ordered and integrated approach, the course strengthens students’ communicative competence in the English language. The learners are expected to be users of the language in informal as well as formal contexts with a sense of accommodation for new ideas.


Module I
Sculpturing & Geometry
History of Art & Design
Computer Skills & Multimedia
Introduction to Animation
Drawing & Perspective
Pakistan Studies & Islamic Studies
Module II
Visual Effects Aesthetics
Philosophy of Human Personality
The students will be able to independently use the software such as SPSS. It will help the students in their research work. As well as to we prepare students, not only for majoring in mathematics, with the essential tools of calculus to apply the concept and use techniques in their respective disciplines.
Story Boarding and Idea Development
English Composition

The course will focus on lighting, composition, framing, rule of third, patterns and repetitions and angles necessary for good photography. The emphasis will be on the studio photography and. outdoor shoot. Functions of still camera and various photographic lens and their use will be focused during the studies. Shoots for portrait, wild life, nature and landscapes will be the core part of learning. Students also learn Adobe Light room and Photoshop for image editing in this course.

Module III

2D Animations

Character Sketching
Concepts of Graphics Design

Fundamentals of Film Making
Advertising and Promotion
Module IV
3D Animation

Basic Lighting & Rendering Techniques
Production Technique
Visual Effects Ecologies

Sound Designing & Art of Voice Over
Concept Art / Live Drawing
Module V
Audio & Video Editing
Critical Thinking
Sociology of Art & Design
Digital Image Manipulations
Acting for Animated Film
Character Modeling / Maya
Module VI
Digital Compositing
Design Research Methods
Entrainment Design
Narrative for Screen
Web Design & Development
Digital Compositing
Module VII
Web Animation
Advance CG Lighting
Advance Compositing / Nuke / Fusion
Portfolio Development
Dissertation – I
Rigging & Texturing
Module VIII
Digital Marketing
Students are required to write a research project in a core area of analysis under the supervision of research director. The research question under investigation may have either theoretical or practical application of counseling significance. In this semester, you will polish your research proposal with recommended research supervisor. This project has been divided into two parts; Dissertation-1 & Dissertation- II.

Start On -
Duration 4 Years
Level Beginner
Total Credit Hours 135 CREDIT HOURS
Degree Under Graduate

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