Greenwich University

Greenwich People

Saeed Mughal

Saeed Kamal MughalDirector Administration & Personnel

Seema Mughal

Seema MughalVice Chancellor

Naveed Kamal Mughal

Naveed Ahmed MughalStudent Provost

Faculty Members

A. Q. Mughal

Prof. Dr. A. Q. MughalResearch Professor

Dr. Irfan

Dr. S. M. IrfanDean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman

Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman Head, Department of Economics & Finance

Dr. Sabir Ahmed

Dr. Sabir AhmedHead, Department of Media Art & Design

Dr. Victoria Joseph

Dr. Victoria JosephHead, Department of Education

Muhammad Shaiq

Dr. Mohammad ShaiqProfessor

Dr. Tahira Tariq

Dr. Tahira TariqAssistant Professor

Emad Ul Karim

Emad Ul KarimAssistant Professor

Muhammad Ali Saeed

Muhammad Ali SaeedAssistant Professor

Shazia Nasir

Shazia NasirAssistant Professor

Zafar Iqbal Saifi

Zafar Iqbal SaifiAssistant Professor

Owais Pervez

Owais PervezAssistant Professor

Javed Muslim

Javed MuslimAssistant Professor

Salman Altaf

Salman AltafAssistant Professor

Samir Lakhani

Samir LakhaniAssistant Professor

Husna Alam

Husna AlamAssistant Professor

Abdul Waheed Khalfe

Abdul Waheed KhalfeAssistant Professor

Salman Mustafa Baig

Salman Mustafa BaigAssistant Professor

Muhammad Faisal Ansari

Muhammad Faisal AnsariLecturer

Tania Sadiq

Tania SadiqLecturer

Anum Naz Durrani

Anum Naz DurraniLecturer

Adeela Siddiq

Adeela SiddiqLecturer

Shabana Adeel

Shabana AdeelLecturer

Maliha Khaqan

Maliha KhaqanLecturer

Muhammad Murtaza Syed

Muhammad Murtaza SyedLecturer

Farhan Ahmed Sheikh

Farhan Ahmed SheikhLecturer

Salman Rajani

Salman RajaniLecturer

Rukhsana Rajani

Rukhsana RajaniLecturer

Moez Allidina

Moez AllidinaLecturer

Laila Raza

Laila RazaLecturer

Muhammad Umer

Muhammad UmerLecturer

Mehreen Mansoor

Mehreen MansoorLecturer

Jawaid Iqbal Batla

Jawaid Iqbal BatlaLecturer

Rohail Intikhab

Rohail IntikhabLecturer

Syed Muhammad Kashif

Syed Muhammad KashifLecturer

Faham Uddin

Faham UddinLecturer

Mahwish Hasnain

Mahwish HasnainLecturer

Noor Hassan

Noor HassanLecturer


Zuha SoomroLecturer