Greenwich University

The University follows a generous policy of providing financial assistance to the deserving students. The scholarship program is designed to ensure that no deserving student is denied admission and pursuit of studies merely because of inability to pay the fees.

Greenwich Scholarships:
All current and future scholarships are comprised of Need, Merit, Extra Curricular Activities and Sports achievements.
These categories are titled as follows:

•  Hussain Bux Mughal Scholarship (Merit Based - Female)
•  A G Khan (Merit Based - Male)
•  Qamar Ara (Need Based - Female)
•  Rabia BB (Need Based - Male)
•  Kamal Ahmed Khan (Extra Curricular Achievements)
•  Khalid Khan (Sports Based Achievements)

Apply for Admission now and:
•  Select the type of scholarship you are eligible for in the Profile Section.
•  Justify your eligibility by writing a paragraph in your Personal Statement.
•  Attach support document while uploading your documents.

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  • Salient Features:

  • The amount of scholarship offered is determined on the basis of need and merit.
  • The fee concession ranges between 10% and 100%
  • Across-the-board 25 per cent fee concession is given to all those students who make the Dean’s List on the basis of their Grade Point Average (GPA). The qualifying GPA is 3.8 on a scale of 4 with the workload of 18 credit hours for Undergraduates, and 15 credit hours for Graduates degree programs
  • The siblings of the registered students are given a fee concession of 25 per cent
  • The siblings of the alumni are also given a fee concession of 25 per cent
  • The siblings of staff qualify for a fee concession ranging from 25 per cent to 100 per cent
  • The faculty of the University qualifies for fee concession ranging from 25 per cent to 75 per cent.
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