Greenwich University

Student Development Council & Societies

The core of the institution's mission is nurturing the character and competence of Pakistan's youth. Greenwich University year-round creates occasions for the whole student body to learn and benefit from. The University hosts a well-grounded mechanism which includes the Student Development Council and Student Societies.

Student Development Council at Greenwich University is a student representative body comprising students elected through university-wide balloting annually. SDC is formed yearly and presents an excellent opportunity for students wanting a platform to develop and demonstrate their leadership, analytical and managerial skills. It bridges the gap between university management and students, providing an opportunity for students and administration alike to work towards the betterment of Greenwich University. This mediating body informs the management on student concerns and collaborates with it to draft timely solutions while maintaining a robust, informed outlook on University, Higher Education, affiliated universities, associations, and student understanding.

Student Development Council is a progressive body that serves to the maintenance of on-campus diversity and inclusivity. The Student Development Council works closely with the University Management and Student Societies. Greenwich University currently hosts 13 student societies, ranging from Literary, Debate & Diplomatic, Performing Arts, Career Development, Ushers, Fluff Network, Music Society, Photography, Film, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Sports & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) providing students various year-round opportunities to sharpen their professional capabilities within the University. The student societies at Greenwich University also fall under the Student Development Council, which ensures students' active participation in societies and facilitates the societies in planning and organizing various events.

Students may opt for one or multiple societies from the following :

  • *  GreenWave Sustainable Society
  • *  Literary Society
  • *  Ushers Society
  • *  Film Society
  • *  Music Society
  • *  Mental Health Society
  • *  Performing Arts Society
  • *  Debate & Diplomatic Society
  • *  Entrepreneurship Society
  • *  Fluff Network
  • *  Sports Society
  • *  Tourism Society
  • *  Career Development Society
  • *  Photography Society
  • *  Corporate Social Responsibility Society
  • *  Social Media Society

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