Greenwich University

A University with A Mission

The beautiful journey of Greenwich University has engraved its roots in the hard work, dedication and visionary mission of Dr. Kamal Ahmed Khan, Founder of Greenwich University. The University roots go back to 1987 when Greenwich Institute was established with the vision to impart quality education and offer distinguished academic opportunities to the students. Taken on the same zeal of working hard the University has achieved several milestones for the last three decades. Hence, we have made a history ready to ponder into challenges of future.

The University’s mission and vision is deeply patriotic in nature. That is to make students an integral part of country’s success. Apart from academic programs Greenwich University is the leading University that is engaged in CSR activities at large.

Conscious of the fact that the human resource constitutes the most precious asset of Pakistan, we aim to produce individuals who are equipped to cope with the challenges of life, in a world where only the fittest can survive.

The Glory That is Greenwich

We at Greenwich have a dream. A dream of Pakistan as a major industrial and economic power in South Asia, with a standard of living compatible with the first world. We visualize a future in which poverty, hunger and literacy would have been consigned to the dustbin of history. To some, it would appear to be a utopian ideal; to us, it is a cherished, and indeed, an attainable goal.

We at Greenwich are determined to contribute our bit towards the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. Several of our alumni, holding key positions of responsibilities in various national and multinational organizations across Pakistan, and abroad, testify to the earnestness of our endeavors in the various fields of higher education.

Pakistan Campus
Mauritius Campus

Greenwich Goes Global

Greenwich University strongly believes that the rapidly changing world has no boundaries Functioning on a global scale, we inspire you to see the big picture and help you identify your place in it.

Our goal is to help our students harness their potential and transform themselves into exceptional individuals, so that they may translate their ideas and thus transform the world.

Greenwich University, realizing that Mauritius is a gateway to South-Africa and Europe, opened its campus at Mauritius on September 19, 2015 with the noble cause of imparting quality higher education around the globe. It is indeed a moment of pride for all of us as it is the only Pakistani University recognized by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Mauritius and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan.

At Mauritius Campus, the University is offering bachelor’s to master’s level courses in the IT and Business Administration programs. The University Campus is also planning to offer various higher-level courses in Management and Social Sciences. Currently, the Mauritius Campus has students from 10 countries of the world, including, Mauritius, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Comoros and Nigeria.

Greenwich University- Changing Lives, Shaping Future

All those who embark on this journey of excellence will not only be given a degree from one of the leading institutions of Pakistan but will also be given a global perspective. During this journey, they will be discovering their potentials and sharpness of minds that will help them to make a mark on this world. By stepping into Greenwich, each individual would find himself immersed in a stimulating environment enriched by diverse academicians who are leaders in their discipline.

Greenwich students do not just join a university; they join a lifelong fold called “Greenwich Fraternity” that understands the value of loyalty and unconditional support. Therefore, well-being and safety of students, faculty and staff would remain a paramount objective of the university.


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