Greenwich University


Department of Business Administration & Information Studies at Greenwich University ranks among the highly esteemed Business schools of our country. Department teaches a curriculum that is consistent with the curriculum suggested by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan.

The department focuses on personalization, globalization and modernization of education standards that should be addressed in a comprehensive study program. The maximum number of students in each class is restricted to 40. The fact that classes are held with small number of students and the open-door policy creates a positive communication environment for students. The two policies are of great importance for achieving the goal of personalization of Education, our students also have the opportunity to select different courses from the list of elective courses to shape their education according to their interest.

In addition, students can participate in various national and international events organized by faculty members. As a result, the majority of our students has access to seek internship opportunities and upon graduation quickly find well respected Job. The priority of modern education methods is supported by the innovative curriculum, air conditioned classrooms, uninterrupted electric supply, modern technological facilities like multimedia, unlimited access to wireless internet on their laptop computers and the computer lab equipped with latest computers with printing facilities.


Entwine cutting-edge interdisciplinary knowledge with ethical code employing modern techniques in management sciences


Committed to excellence in producing innovative, prolific, and responsible leaders in management sciences

Departmental Publications

The Department of Business Administration & Information Studies publishes a Bi-Annual research journal namely “Business Strategies” which is duly registered and recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and listed on Factiva and AsiaNET. The Higher Education Commission funds the publication of the research journal while every edition is sent to all major libraries, repositories in the country and abroad.

Aims & Objectives

To produce manpower equipped with managerial and leadership qualities, well-rounded personalities are among the major aims of the Department. Through personalized education equipped with most modern materials and techniques students are not lost in the crowd and came up with latest knowledge and skills required for a life in a global work environment.

Our objective is to train graduates that have developed with social and cultural values, highly motivated and capable of thriving in the globally competitive surroundings.

Degree Programs

  • *  Associate of Science in Business Administration (AS-BA)
  • *  Associate of Science in Digital Business Management (AS-DBM)
  • *  Associate of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management t (AS-HTM)
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BS-BA)
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Digital Business Management (BS-DBM)
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management (BS-HTM)
  • *  Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • *  Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD-BA)
  • *  Postgraduate Diploma & Certificate Courses
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