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Social Sciences and Humanities is the interdisciplinary department, which promotes cross-cultural study of texts (written, oral and visual), traditions, and discourses.

Social Sciences and Humanities undergraduate and graduate students develop methods of bringing the various courses, such as Literature, Language, International Relations, Education into an integrative view of the world’s cultural diversity.

Our humanistic inquiry focuses on social conduct, values, and artistic insights across human communities. This goal is accomplished through a two-pronged approach: a core curriculum that introduces humanistic methods and concepts, modes of critical analysis, and sound writing practices; a series of required courses and electives.

Students who wish to explore careers emerging in today’s era will find degree in any discipline of Social Sciences and Humanities useful and relevant such as Education, English Linguistics, English Literature, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work & Organizational Communication. The department offers vital training for students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in any Social Science and Humanities discipline. Further, practical training in specific professional fields may well be taken in conjunction with the major or the minor in Social Sciences and Humanities.


To become a leading center of academic excellence and innovation, dedicated to advancing social transformation and fostering positive change through comprehensive research, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Our mission is to cultivate a diverse community of scholars, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to engage with complex global challenges.
Through rigorous academic programs in Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, English, and Psychology, we aim to instil a deep sense of ethical responsibility, social awareness, compassionate leadership, research-driven inquiry, and humane consciousness.

Aims & Objectives

  1.  To provide learning opportunities as per the needs of the current era.
  2.  To ensure the experiential leaning prospects through modern teaching pedagogies.
  3.  To broaden vision through exposure of the national and international issues & trends
  4.  To make students independent thinkers and leaders having solution-oriented approach
  5.  To enhance communication, analytical and critical thinking skills.
  6.  To prepare social scientists, humanists, and liberal artists to serve society.

Degree Programs

  • *  Associate of Science in English
  • *  Associate of Science in Psychology
  • *  Bachelor of Science in English
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • *  Master of Philosophy in International Relations
  • *  Master of Philosophy in Sociology
  • *  Master of Philosophy in Political Science
  • *  Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
  • *  Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
  • *  Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science
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