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Humanities is an interdisciplinary program, which promotes cross-cultural study of texts (written, oral and visual), traditions, and discourses.

Humanities undergraduate and graduate students develop methods of bringing the various courses, such as Literature, Language, International Relations, Education into an integrative view of the world’s cultural diversity.

Our humanistic inquiry focuses on social conduct, values and artistic insights across human communities. This goal is accomplished through a two-pronged approach: a core curriculum that introduces humanistic methods and concepts, modes of critical analysis, and sound writing practices; a series of required courses and electives.

Students who wish to explore careers emerging in today’s era will find degree in any discipline of Humanities useful and relevant such as Education, English Linguistics, English Literature, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work & Organizational Communication. This program also offers invaluable training for students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in any social science or Humanities discipline. Further, practical training in a specific professional fields may well be taken in conjunction with the major or the minor in Humanities. Students earning the B.Ed. may qualify themselves for high school teaching credentials in English through special advising and supplemental course work. The MA program serves a variety of personal and career objectives, including preparation for teaching, doctoral study, and careers in business, public service, and the arts.


Inculcate interdisciplinary understanding of liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences


Committed to excellence in nurturing capable, conscientious, and critical liberal artists, humanists, and social scientists

Aims & Objectives

The Department of Humanities aims to provide the curriculum and environment that fosters development of expert linguists, teachers and scholars. The students are given training in English, Education and Constructivism and modern-era knowledge transfer tools. They develop understanding of the culture, mindset of the society, educational instruments and broader perspective of the contemporary issues. The objective is to develop the skills, professional attitude, and competence required to design, evaluate and execute correspondance, education, policies and strategies in today’s highly dynamic environment. The rigorous training provided by the Department has proved to be a solid foundation for individuals who have gone directly to the workforce in the services sector, industry, or consultancy.

Degree Programs

  • *  Associate of Science in English
  • *  Associate of Science in Organizational Communication
  • *  Bachelor of Education
  • *  Bachelor of Science in English
  • *  Master of Education
  • *  Master in International Relations
  • *  Master in Organizational Communication
  • *  Master in Sociology and Social Work
  • *  Postgraduate Diploma & Certificate Courses
  • *  MPhil and PhD Programs
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