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In the news-rich world of the twenty-first century media, wars are won and lost on television; celebrities seem more familiar to us than our neighbours. The global economy is increasingly based on the exchange of information, and communities and identities mirror popular cultures from sport to popular music. In this fast flowing context, the Mass Communication and Media Studies programs at Greenwich University explore and build the analytical and investigative skills, enhances media literacy and teaches technical skills required for working with Mass Media.

The Greenwich University Media Faculty comprises experienced and well known people from different fields of media and media marketing.

Mass Communication and Media Studies Department arranges various extra-curricular activities which help the students academically as well as keep them abreast with latest trends in the media.

Guest speakers such as journalists, economists, political scientists, sociologists, philanthropists, academicians, writers and artists, etc. are invited to interact with students. We also have documentaries, film and news stories and screening sessions during the classes, which enhance the skills of the students about latest technologies used in digital production.

The department has a state of art media lab. The students in the media lab produced drama, short films, documentaries, news stories and TV talk shows. We provide camera unit and all necessary equipment along with the crew to the students for video production. The most lastest equipment is available in the media lab. Non-Linear video editing facility is also available and it is provided whenever the students require it.

Aims & Objectives

Due to the changing environment in mass media milieu in which the boundaries of each traditional medium such as newspaper, radio and television have been removed and all is integrated, it will prepare students to enter the field of new media in the new globalized world. The vision is to produce graduates with knowledge and advanced knowledge in communication, preparing them to be the leaders in mass communication with morality, creativity, insightful attitudes and other necessary related skills. Focusing on concepts, theories and professional practices in digital lab and studio, students are provided ability in critical analysis, a comprehensive understanding in their field and are able to apply their knowledge and contribute it to the society and country during globalization where information technology and communication are the heart of development.

  • *  To produce scholar graduates with both academic knowledge and professional skills for integrated mass media and new media.
  • *  To produce graduates with ability in problem solving and thus contribute those skills to the society.
  • *  To produce graduates to be leaders of the society with morality, most advanced skills and insightful attitudes.
  • *  To produce graduates to be leaders in mass communication and leading to social development.

Degree Programs

  • *  Associate of Science in Mass Communication & Media Studies
  • *  Associate of Science in Media Management & Advertising
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication & Media Studies
  • *  Bachelor of Science in Media Management & Advertising
  • *  Master of Science in Mass Communication & Media Studies (Electronic & Print Media)
  • *  Master of Science in Mass Communication & Media Studies (Print & Broadcast Journalism)
  • *  Master of Science in Media Management & Advertising


  • *  Journalism
  • *  Film & TV Production
  • *  Advertising
  • *  Digital Media
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