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Gain a substantial introduction to Education through a broad-based and focused study of educational research, theory, and practice.

The education department's primary goal is to prepare teachers, educators, educational leaders, and researchers. Innovative pedagogy, modern learning methods, 21st century research techniques, and material development in the discipline of education have equipped this department to parallel with international standards. Presently, the department offers B.Ed, Masters in Education Leadership, MPhil & PhD in Education.

Degree Programs

B.Ed Programme

Our B.Ed program aims to produce highly skilled teachers to cultivate an educated citizenry within this country. Students interested in pursuing Education as a field of study and bracing themselves with the historical, cultural, philosophical, and social foundations of Education are welcome to join the program tailored to meet international standards.

M.Ed Programme

A well-designed blend of theory, practicum, and research, our M.Ed program prepares reflective practitioners to transform the teaching, learning, assessment, leadership, and management practices in educational institutions and society.

Master’s in Education Leadership & Management

Master's in educational leadership program offers a robust inquiry-based insight into educational leadership and management. Education Leadership & Management is a vast arena considering issues from classroom management, developing, and supporting the curriculum, managing school day-to-day activities, and overall function. This programme aims to develop inquiry-based educational practitioners to improve their practice and contribute significantly to uplifting the educational practice and raising achievement in their area.

This discipline is ideal if you wish to develop your educational leader or manager abilities. This course enables the development of an academic career. In the end, you will have developed reflective and critical capabilities, providing you with a sound basis for your next career move in the field of Education.

MPhil in Education

Our MPhil program promotes a robust research foundation enabling the students to inquire about critical issues ranging from the core problems of classroom teaching, curriculum development, and school leadership to concerns related to educational policy and governance.

The programme polish student abilities of working as independent researchers skilled in research methodologies, academic writing, and presentation.

Our MPhil program provides experienced professionals with a perfect opportunity to enhance their qualifications and skills with high quality and focused Education to meet the grueling demands of the 21st Century and become successful managers in the corporate world.

PhD in Education

The issues plaguing education sector in Pakistan demand researchers based in the field, engaging with critical inquiry.

Our Ph.D. degree is an elevated level of the academic study of a range of educational and professional issues and supervised research which will prepare you for a leadership career with a lasting impact—on students and improve communities at national and international levels.

The PhD. program also prepares students to assume leadership roles in academic and non-academic settings, national and international organizations.


Combine critical reflection with quality education for holistic learning outcomes


Committed to excellence in producing educationists capable of transforming the society

Aims & Objectives

The Department of Education aims to produce competent teachers encompassing modern pedagogical knowledge and 21st-century learning methods with a firm grip on praxis.

  • * Students will have mastery of content and will use modern instructional strategies to meet the digital learner's needs.
  • * Students will develop a broader understanding of educational issues, situate issues in the global context, and readily find innovative solutions to suit their contextual needs.
  • * Students will develop a firsthand experience of bridging the gap between theory, policy, and practice by developing usable knowledge systems.
  • * As they are prepared for leaderships roles in education, students' understanding of educational problems and research will deepen.

Degree Programs

  • * Bachelors in education (B.Ed 1.5 years)
  • * Masters in Education Leadership & Management
  • * MPhil in Education
  • * PhD in Education
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