Greenwich University

Master of Business Administration



Credit Hours36

Program Duration1.5 Years

Program Overview

Our MBA program provides experienced professionals with a perfect opportunity to enhance their qualification and skills with high quality and focused education to meet the grueling demands of the 21st Century and become successful managers in the corporate world. Besides learning critical business areas, students strengthen their ability to think strategically; lead, motivate and manage teams across borders; align projects and procedures with business strategy.


16 Years of Education

Job Market

The program develops the capabilities of graduates to become effective entrepreneurs or promises to acquire positions in government service, major local and multinational corporations or in consulting firms or leadership positions in SMEs.

Module I

Strategic and Islamic Finance
Advanced Research Methods
Elective – I
Elective – II

Module II

Strategic Marketing
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
Elective – III
Independent Study – I

Module III

Strategic Management
Strategic Leadership Development
Elective – IV
Independent Study - II


Internship 6-8 Weeks

Electives: Banking

Domestic & International Banking
Anti Money Laundering
Credit Management
Islamic Banking & Finance

Electives: Finance

International Trade and FOREX
Money & Capital Markets
Micro Financing
Financial Analytics & Machine Learning

Electives: Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management
Strategic Staffing
Talent Management
International Industrial Relations

Electives: Management

E-Business Management
Business Sustainability
Project Management
Strategic Business Consulting

Electives: Management Information Technology

Information Systems Strategy and Policy
Global Innovation Management
Enterprise Information Infrastructure Planning & Security
Enterprise Application Development

Electives: Marketing

Global Brand Management
Sales & Pricing
Consumer Behavior
Managing Product and Service Innovation

Electives: NGO Management

Managing NGOs: People and Practice
NGO Management: The Strategic Issues
Charity Marketing & Fundraising
Social Enterprise

Electives: Supply Chain Management

Global Procurement & Supply Management
Students through this course understand the physical supply and distribution functions in business management, including channel selection, transportation, facility location and materials management; it concentrates on the analytical and managerial methods necessary for the development and control of an integrated logistics system.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Demand Analysis & Management for Value Chains

Program Features

Courses 12
Duration 1.5 Years
Level Graduate