Greenwich University

Bachelor of Education – (B.Ed.)



CategorySocial Science

Credit Hours54

Program Duration1.5 Year

Program Overview

This program aims to produce highly skilled teachers for the cultivation of an educated citizenry within this country. Students will have mastery of content and would be able to use modern instructional strategies to the needs of the learner along with making optimum use of technology in instruction.

Eligibility Criteria

16 Years of Education

Job Market

Participants can pursue a career in teaching at ECE, Primary and Secondary Level and can also enter academic counselling and support roles.

Module I

Philosophy of Education
Psychology of Education & Guidance
Methods of Teaching
Critical Thinking & Reflective Practices
Area of Specialization - Course I
Area of Specialization - Course II

Module II

Curriculum Planning & Development
Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
Research Methods in Education
Inclusive Education
Area of Specialization - Course III
Teaching Practice - I (Practical)

Module III

Comparative Education
Teaching Practice
Teaching Practice - II (Practical)
Citizenship and Community Engagement
Area of Specialization – Course IV
Research Project


Internship 6-8 Weeks

Program Features

Courses 18
Duration 1.5 Year
Level Graduate